Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Turning Scripts into GUI Web Applications

How would you like to be able to turn any Linux bash script, command line program or Windows batch script into a GUI driven web application that any business user can invoke and manage from a GUI interface? And all in just a few clicks. Well, JobServer provides some great features to make this happen. JobServer, allows you to embed or associate any script or command line program to a Tasklet that can then be run in a server-see job. And the job can be configured to be invoked and run by any business user from JobServer's web UIs. The script can be manually launched by the user (and customized on the fly) from the GUI or scheduled to run at later time or frequency.

For example, an IT administrator or developer can use JobServer to embed their Linux script into JobServer and then expose it as a user interface based web application for any business user to manually run, schedule, monitor and track. The administrator can easily customize and parameterize the job/tasklet to allow custom input parameters that the business user can pass in directly from the web GUI.

Give JobServer a try, and turn any Linux or Windows script or command line program into a GUI application that be run and tracked by business users. What is also great about this is that the developer or IT administrator has full control over the scripts being run and can throttle capacity and disable/enable the scripts at any time. And they can track who has been running the scripts/jobs. All this with just a few clicks and some cut and past you can turn your scripts into GUI web applications!

Download and test drive JobServer now and learn more about JobServer's powerful developer SDK, soafaces, that makes extending and customizing JobServer and developing custom jobs and backed automated services easier.

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