Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grand Logic a Featured Cloudera Partner

We are proud to be selected by Cloudera as part of their featured partner list and to join the largest and fastest growing Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Grand Logic has been a strong proponent of Apache Hadoop and the potential of Big Data computing.

Grand Logic has integrated support for Hadoop and other Big Data technologies into our flagship product, JobServer. This has brought enterprise job processing and automation to Big Data computing and converged traditional business automation and job processing with Big Data analytics and computing. There are no islands or barriers here. JobServer allows enterprises of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 to converge their back office businesses processing, SOA assets, and Big Data computing infrastructure such as MapReduce, Big Query, Hive queries, Impala queries, Pig…etc, all under one job scheduling management platform.

Download and test drive JobServer today and learn more about JobServer's powerful developer SDK, soafaces, that makes extending and customizing JobServer and developing custom jobs (Hadoop jobs, SOA jobs, ETL jobs, BigQuery jobs, Hive Jobs…etc) and backed automated services easier.

Grand Logic delivers software solutions that automate your business processes and tame your IT operations & Big Data analytics. Grand Logic delivers data and job automation software, Hadoop consulting services and that maximize your Big Data investment.

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