Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Era of Deep Learning is Here

Have to agree with Google on this. Innovation in Machine Learning & Deep Learning combined with serverless cloud platforms will turn more and more data into actionable information by making these data science services and functions available to a wider audience.

This comment from the article is telling where we are and where we have to go:
We also see data scientists complaining that they spend up to 80% of their time preparing the data and training the models before they can even begin to extract any value out of the current machine learning technologies. In fact, some data scientists sarcastically call themselves “data janitors,” because they spend more time preparing data than they do analyzing it.

It is currently fairly complex from an IT perspective to construct the infrastructure and services need for training and building learned models and effectively ingest data at the scale and velocity needed to turn raw data into value. This is also complicated by the challenge to find the necessary skill lets needed to make this happen. The market and landscape however is evolving fast on all fronts, both on the IT front as described in the Google article and with more IT skill set specializing coming available. Stay tuned :)