Thursday, July 13, 2017

Augmented Reality vs Conversational User Interface

Don't believe all the hype about virtual reality and its close cousin augmented reality. How many examples do we need to see before we get it that humans don't like a big gizmo sitting over their faces and eyes or attached to their body. Examples like the failed Google Glass and the failing Facebook Oculus are two examples of such failures, with more on the way if Apple is not careful.

What will win out? It's all about texting and voice stupid (not you). AI is surely coming, but it will be powered by voice-first and messaging-first applications and services. Visual augmentation with AR and VR, is cute, but it will not be what transforms our reality and changes how we interact with technology.

Humans are social animals and voice and texting is what taps into that part of our brain that drives us to connect with others/things and drives us to share ideas. So gear up and start thinking how to turn your applications and services into voice-first and messaging-first user experiences. That is where the future is going.