Friday, December 7, 2012

JobServer 3.4.14 for Oracle RAC

We are happy to announce the release of JobServer 3.4.14 which brings expanded enterprise features to JobServer's scheduling engine and job processing platform. JobServer has always been designed from the ground up for massive job scheduling and processing scalability while being highly resilient in the face of hardware, network and database interruptions. Reliable, repeatable, reportable, and measurable job scheduling, processing and management has always been the centerpiece of our focus with the JobServer platform.

With this release, JobServer now supports Oracle RAC 11g and allows for hot failover at the database layer. By enabling Oracle SCAN configuration, JobServer can leverage Oracle RAC's dynamic failover and database routing capability allowing JobServer to continue to access critical database data and transactions during critical job scheduling and job processing functions.

"We are excited about our Oracle RAC support in JobServer as this brings another level of enterprise fault tolerance into the JobServer Platform". JobServer tames your job processing and scheduling environment in a way that is a joy for Java developers to develop and customize upon while providing powerful management and administration features for business users and IT operations administrators.

Download and test drive JobServer 3.4.14 now and learn more about JobServer's powerful developer SDK, soafaces, that makes extending and customizing JobServer and developing custom jobs and backed automated services easier.

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