Friday, October 18, 2013

Mesos: The Datacenter is the Computer

The data center is the computer. The pendulum is swinging. Traditional cloud and virtualization level resource management in the data center are no longer good enough to efficiently manage the growing demands for computing services needed in the enterprise. The answer for this challenge, to offer more compute and storage services more efficiently, are solutions such as Mesos and YARN. These emerging cluster management platforms are the next evolution for fine grained and efficient resource management of your data center infrastructure and services. As the need for more processing and storage grows, solutions like YARN and Mesos take center stage.

Big Data, mobile, and cloud computing have driven a tremendous amount of growth and innovation, but the byproduct has been more and more computing infrastructure needed to service the growth and manage the explosion of data. This has especially been the case as we have moved to using more clustered commodity hardware and distributed storage. You now have start-ups and smaller companies managing complex multi-node computing infrastructure for things like Hadoop, real-time event streaming, social graphs as well as for managing established core services like data warehousing, ETL and batch processing. All this has put a lot of demands in order to effectively manage and administrator a dynamic hardware computing environment and in many cases it has created isolated silos of resources dedicated to different tasks, for example, your Hadoop cluster is separate from your application services, database servers and legacy batch processing. This does not scale and it not cost effective.

These silos have created inefficiencies within that data center and the enterprise environment. For example, if your Hadoop cluster of 10 nodes is running only 70% of the time at maximum capacity, what are those 10 nodes doing the other 30% of the time? Same can be said for the other services running in the data center. Unless you can treat your entire data center as one shared cluster of resources, you will have inefficiencies and as the number of nodes and services you are managing grows, these inefficiencies will only increase. This is were solutions like Mesos can step in and give your applications and services one holistic view of your computing infrastructure. By using Mesos, you can reduce costs and more efficiently utilize the hardware and storage resources you already have and it allows you to grow more incrementally as more resources are needed.

Companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook are leading the charge to advance the state of art for efficient data center and enterprise computing. Mesos is a great tool and platform to leverage to reduce costs, improve reliability and overall operational efficiency of your operational IT environment. Give Mesos a look. Cheers!

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