Sunday, October 20, 2013

JobServer and Mesos Make a Great Pair

We are happy to announce the release of JobServer 3.6 beta1 with support for Mesos clustering and distributed job processing. Release 3.6 is an early access release of JobServer with integrated support for Mesos. With this release of JobServer, you can now schedule and run jobs on a Mesos cluster of any size and configuration. Say goodbye to cron jobs!

JobServer has always had support for distributed job scheduling and processing and a great replacement for cron. Now, with Mesos integration, JobServer takes this to next level by incorporating support for dynamic resource management and reliability by leveraging all the advantages of Mesos. JobServer also brings powerful scheduling, reporting and monitoring features to Mesos environments. Distributed job scheduling and batch processing just got more interesting!

With this release you can track and manage jobs as they run across a dynamic and highly resilient cluster of servers. JobServer with Mesos allows you to run scripts and jobs across your cluster of servers and manage how resources are utilized and managed. If you are a Mesos user today, give JobServer a try and say goodbye to cron. If you are a JobServer user, get your compute resources under control with Mesos.

Download the beta release of JobServer v3.6 and tame your IT environment using all the advantages of Mesos and JobServer.

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