Sunday, October 5, 2008

JobServer 2.0.14 released with Ext GWT support

The latest release of JobServer 2.0 now provides support for Ext GWT. You can now build your SOA weblets and jobs using the full power of GWT 1.5 and Ext GWT. JobServer allows you to build full blown SOA applications and jobs using the GWT framework and now you can take full advantage of GWT by using the advanced UI widgets available from Ext GWT. By combining JobServer with Ext GWT you can now build powerful and visually compeling web applications while leveraging the full power of SOA and ESBs like Mule.

JobServer allows developers to build and deploy SOA powered applications and jobs using a modular architecture. Build GUI applications using GWT and deploy them dynamically to the JobServer platform while empowering your GWT applications with easy access to web services and backend ESB services. JobServer makes it easy to build GUI applications that are decoupled from the backend, while allowing easy integration with existing and new web services. With JobServer there is no need to write GWT RPC code. Read more about how JobServer and its open source SDK, SOAFaces, and how it allows developers to build modular SOA powered applications and batch jobs.

Download and test drive JS 2.0 now and learn more about the powerful SOAFaces SDK that makes developing jobs and applications easier while using the best Java and web technology available to developers.

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