Friday, July 25, 2008

JobServer 2.0 has hit the streets!

Grand Logic is happy to announce the release of JobServer 2.0. This is a major release of JobServer (JS) that delivers many new features and a brand new developer SDK. The developer SDK is an especially interesting new offering with JS 2.0. The new SDK is an implementation of the open source SOAFaces framework. By supporting SOAFaces, JS now inherently provides support for SOA, ESBs and GWT. Not only does JS now provide the worlds finest job scheduler, it now also integrates with the best open source ESB in Mule and the very popular and powerful AJAX framework with GWT.

You can still use JS for its great scheduling capabilities and its ability run your batch jobs of all kinds from shell scripts to complex ETL. And now you can use JS to manage and run your Mule services and other SOA. JS makes using Mule easy with full integration and packaging of the Mule engine. You can use JS to access SOA services like Mule endpoints but you can also use JS to deploy and manage Mule endpoint services with JS directly, making JS the perfect container for running and managing your Mule services.

By using SOAFaces, JS also now provides users and developers with a powerful way of building component software. You develop SOAFaces components and combine them together to create jobs using a point and click interface. This has always been a core capability of JS, but now you can also use the same modular approach to build GWT applications of all kinds from mash-ups to full blown and secure SOA applications. And you can manager and run this all from within the JS environment.

With JS 2.0 we build on all the great features provided in JS 1.x including:
  • Flexible Calendaring/Scheduling
  • Job Dependencies
  • Queues and Prioritization Management
  • Cascading Alert Management
  • Developer SDK (SOAFaces)
  • Security and Audit Trails
  • Event Driven Processing
  • Scalability and Manageability
Download and test drive JS 2.0 now and learn more about the powerful SOAFaces SDK that makes developing jobs and applications easier while using the best Java and web technology available to developers.

About Grand Logic

Grand Logic is a privately held company focused on delivering quality software to its customers. It is founded on the principle that when innovation, dedication, and hard work come together great things can happen.

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