Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Data Lakes before AI/ML/Analytics (cart before horse thing)

Don't start or continue your AI and predictive analytics journey without building the necessary data infrastructure underpinnings. And that starts, first and foremost, with building a cloud data lake that is designed to meet the data and compute hungry needs of your . Why build a cloud data lake first?

1) Economics
2) Elastic compute
3) Elastic Storage
4) Storing (almost) everything
5) ML Model engineering
6) Feeding downstream analytics
7) Feeding downstream operational data stores
8) Data exploration, experimentation and discovery

A cloud data lake makes all the above possible at scale.

Building a cloud data lake securely and in an architecturally effective manner is achievable and will make your downstream AI/ML/Analytics journey attainable and long-term sustainable. Don't start your journey without this foundation.

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