Thursday, July 25, 2013

JobServer 3.4.28 - Isolated JVM Containers

We are happy to announce the release of JobServer 3.4.28 which adds a number of new features for administrators along with supporting the latest version of Google Web Toolkit and expanded remote management APIs.

With this release, JobServer now supports expanded remote web services programatic APIs. Also included in this release is the capability to run distributed jobs under customizable Linux/Unix userspace accounts on a job by job basis, which gives administrators fined grained control over how they run their jobs. This allows users to run jobs inside isolated JVMs in a more granular fashion.

It has always been our focus to make JobServer the most developer and IT friendly scheduling and job processing platform on the planet. We are proud of our focus on taking customer and developer feedback to continuously make JobServer the best scheduling and job processing engine around. JobServer tames your job processing and scheduling environment in a way that is a joy for Java developers to customize upon while providing powerful web UI management and administration features for business users and IT operations administrators.

Download and test drive JobServer 3.4.28 today and learn more about JobServer's powerful developer SDK, soafaces, that makes extending and customizing JobServer and developing custom jobs and backed automated services easier.

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