Thursday, January 12, 2012

End to End Big Data Solution

Grand Logic announces end to end Big Data solution. Our flag ship product, JobServer, and its supporting open source SDKs provide a superior platform for taking your raw data and creating business solutions that will drive ROI and deliver on the promise of Hadoop.

Hadoop is a great solution, but alone it is an island of data processing, algorithms and open source tools. JobServer integrates Hadoop into your enterprise to automate the flow of data and manage ETL processing to efficiently organize and track your Hadoop processing. Then it delivers rich visualization for your Hadoop results to allow you to maximize your business objectives with Big Data. Whether you are targeting mobile, tablets or desktop/web devices, JobServer's powerful GWT based SDK can deliver a rich user experience and visualization for your reports and applications.

All this allows you to manage, monitor and track your Hadoop processing to deliver the control and central management you need to empower your developers and business analysts. JobServer with Hadoop allows you to acquire your data, process it and then visualize it. See this architecture diagram of our end to end JobServer/Hadoop solution stack.

Contact Grand Logic and see how we can help you make better sense of your Big Data environment. JobServer is also partnering with other Big Data solution providers and major distributions to provide complete Big Data solution for both your in house and cloud Hadoop deployments. Please contact Grand Logic for more information to see how our products can services can make your Hadoop deployment a success.

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