Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tame your Hadoop - Hadoop Professional Services

Grand Logic is pleased to announce our expanded consulting services specializing in Hadoop solutions. Hadoop is quickly becoming the tool of choice for Big Data analytics and our expertise with Hadoop and applying our tools like JobServer (job workflow/scheduling engine) and soafaces (open source framework) enable us to build complete enterprise solutions around Hadoop for our customers.

Hadoop comes with many great supporting modules but needs additional tools and features to make it easy to manage and organize all the activity and content around your Hadoop operations. With our consulting services we can quickly come in and build a management and integration layer to help you automate and manage your Hadoop deployment. This will allow you to tie your back office data and IT systems to feed data to your Hadoop operations to automate and streamline data movement between your business data and your Hadoop analytics. This is vital to having a successful ROI for Hadoop. If you can't efficiently feed data into Hadoop and extract it (and visualize it) your Hadoop number crunching will be for not. With JobServer as part of your Hadoop environment and our expertise and professional services you will be able to:
  • Effectively build custom ETL processing between your back office data and your Hadoop data stores
  • Build, package and reuse custom logic and server-side tasks for managing and editing your Hadoop jobs
  • Compose complex Hadoop workflows from multiple simpler Hadoop jobs (and non-Hadoop jobs) to build support for rich scenarios where data is moved between HDFS and local storage and between multiple Hadoop jobs.
  • Integrate easily with modules like Cascading and Pig.
  • Security on job by job basis to restrict all aspects of job configuration, monitoring, reporting and execution on user by user basis.
  • Application permissions - control what tools are available to which users.
  • Detailed alerting (via email or sms) to report on status and failures by jobs and by job groups.
  • Organize jobs into groups and partitions for user organization resource management.
  • Powerful job scheduling - any scheduling pattern you can think of for running your Hadoop jobs can be be built by our consulting team.
  • Easily create custom reports per Hadoop job. Using the soafaces framework we can build custom reports that let you view the status and results of each of your Hadoop jobs.
  • We are experts with soafaces and GWT and can build rich visualization for your Hadoop generated data. And we can help you visualize this on web, mobile and tablets devices to develop rich analytics that can be consumed by decision makers in your company.
So if you want to tame your Hadoop environment, Grand Logic has the technical expertise and tool chest of tools and frameworks to get you going and organized. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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