Thursday, September 9, 2010

JobServer 3.0 Beta Now Available

Grand Logic is pleased to announce the release of JobServer 3.0. This release introduces key architectural enhancements that enable distributing job processing and clustering within JobServer. Job processing can now be distributed across a network of computers allowing for high-availability and virtually unlimited job processing scalability.

Combining JobServer's super scalable scheduling engine with its new scalable distributed job processing architecture makes JobServer the ideal platform for managing and automating IT environments of any size. From large banks, to EDI processors and SaaS startups, JobServer is a solution that will allow you to automate and manager your IT environment and back-office functions.

With this release, JobServer is now scalable and highly available at all levels, from job scheduling, to job processing to web GUI applications. The 3.0 scalability enhancements allow for dynamically adding new computers (called Agents) to the JobServer environment/pool to incrementally increase job processing capacity.

Download and test drive JobServer 3.0 now and learn more about JobServer's powerful developer SDK, SOAFaces, that makes extending and customizing JobServer and developing custom jobs and SOA applications easier, while using some of the best Java/AJAX and web/SOA open source technology available to developers.

About Grand Logic
Grand Logic is dedicated to delivering software solutions to its customers that help them automate their business and manage their processes. Grand Logic delivers automation software and specializes in mobile and web products and solutions that streamline business.

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